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After all that is said and done, it is natural enough to assume that not all ATV tires are created equal. If this is your first time buying your own set of tires for your ride, you must consider a lot of variables, which we will enumerate here. You do have to remember that this task is really no different from buying automobile tires. The ATV make, model and manufacturer should be your top consideration, rather than budget and availability. Although we are not discounting the fact that budget and availability of the products are important variables when buying ATV tires, we are simply saying that these should not be your top or your only consideration.

Finding the right set of ATV tires will help keep your ride in better shape; will help driving and steering easier; and will guarantee your safety as well.

Try to find out first what make, model and the name of the manufacturer of your ride is. These are essential information which could dictate which tires you can and cannot use. As a matter of relevance, some of the types of tires are: O.E. type tires, mud tires, paddle tires, race tires, sand tires, sports utility tires and trail tires. The truth is, you can use just about any tire type on your ride, but if you have performance and safety in your mind, then it would be best to follow through with whatever the ATV manufacturers’ recommendations are; these are usually seen in the ATV manual or the manufacturers’ websites. The manufacturers could also ascertain which tire size you may safely and efficiently use in the event that you want to go bolder and bigger.

Tire wear is also a top variable to consider. Most ATVs that roll off the assembly line are fitted with 2 ply tires – and yes, these are serviceable on their own. However, most ATV enthusiasts, especially those who run the roads or tracks like crazy, prefer higher ply rating for their rides. A heavily used ATV in a rough and rocky riding arena would probably need a 6 ply set of tires to avoid (or at least reduce the chances of) being punctured by the elements of the terrain. If your ride is mostly used for scenic tours and rolls around on basically level ground, you may not need tires with higher ply ratings at all. It goes without saying that higher ply ratings also mean higher price tags.

Other variables to consider if you are thinking about your ATV’s performance includes: the contour of the tires (flat or rounded); tire height (short or tall); tire width (if you are unsure of this, you can always download an ATV fitment guide from the Internet); and tread pattern.

And now we finally get around to budget and availability. These two variables are almost always intertwined. Sometimes the tires we can afford are not available, or those that are available are way beyond our budget’s price range. The smart option here is to order your tires now and play the waiting game. You can always ask your local dealer to give you a heads up if and when the tires you want are available already. Nothing could be had by becoming too impatient and replacing your functional tires with unsuitable ones. You will only be wasting your money, especially when you begin to notice that lack luster performance of your ride. Plus, you are gambling with you own safety which is never a good thing.

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